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eCreation Keel

Keel is a framework of television and video centric client side applications that are designed to be published to multiple devices such as smartphones, set top boxes, PC browsers and connected televisions.  Keel reduces the cost and complexity of building and maintaining television and video apps.

The wide variety of client-side video environments can make the deployment of user interfaces slow and expensive.


But irrespective of the ecosystems you want to support, the operator UX requirements you need to realise or the innovation roadmap you’re working to, the Keel framework is engineered to reduce the cost and increase the speed of your delivery.


Centralised control

Keel’s centralised controls store and apply all client metadata consistently, enabling you to save time and money by deploying the same logic across all clients irrespective of their underlying technology.


Platform integration

In addition to our own Spinnaker platform, Keel’s open API is engineered to talk to any back-end platform, including Kultura and Quickplay.


Customisable interface components

Keel contains fully customisable design widgets for the most common TV user interface components. Using these reference components as the foundation for your client gives you the ability to build a unique client UX faster and at a lower cost than developing it from scratch.


Player agnostic

Keel can be implemented alongside any video player platform, from open source players like Exo and Shaka through to fully supported providers like Theoplayer.


Analytics integration

Alongside Spinnaker, Keel integrates seamlessly with third party analytics platforms including Conviva.

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