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Our products and capabilities

We've delivered hundreds of projects to our global customer base of telecoms operators and video platform providers.


Our capabilities span the full video funnel from back-end metadata and processing platforms to client-side applications, including Android and Linux set top boxes, Smart TV and other smart devices.


The eCreation product suite is engineered to make it easier, faster and more cost effective for you to deliver tomorrow's video services today.

Our platform agnostic products integrate seamlessly with your existing technology stack and customer devices to fast-track the delivery of your new  services and innovations.

eCreation Keel

Simplifying the management of metadata processing and customer experience at scale

Spinnaker is engineered as a cloud-first platform, optimised for cost-effective performance and stability,  and to scale automatically, providing full resilience for millions of end users at a time.

Enabling the cost-effective, rapid, cross-platform deployment of your user interface

Keel enables operators to centralise the management and delivery of user interfaces, speeding up and reducing the cost of deployment.

eCreation Software Services

World class architects and expert resources to support your team at every stage of the project

Our team has nearly 200 years of combined industry experience to its name and is ideally placed to consult, develop and deliver your next generation of video services.

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