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Spinnaker is a state-of-the-art Online Video Platform for delivering SVOD, TVOD and linear TV services. Pre-integrated with eCreation’s Keel client suite, eCreation customers can roll out new services to mobile, web, STB and smart TV impressively quickly.

eCreation Keel Spinnaker Cargo architecture

Spinnaker is engineered as a cloud-first platform. It’s optimised for cost-effective performance and stability, leveraging best in class monitoring tools, scaling automatically and providing full resilience for millions of end users at a time. It is offered as a SaaS, an on-premise solution or can be deployed alongside your other services in any major public cloud.

It’s also designed to drive revenue growth through comprehensive, flexible pricing controls and unique content sharing capabilities. Those features in full are:


VoD Management & Workflow

Manage in-bound metadata from industry standard sources, including CableLabs 1.1 and 3.0; transcode, deliver and protect content with pre-built Ateme, Elemental, Velocix, AWS and Irdeto integrations.

Live TV

Multi-format, multi-source ingest of data published into a managed EPG, fully configurable by region, subscription, etc. Prebuilt integrations with Gracenote and Tribune (XTVD) ingest formats. Support for catch-up and restart TV.


Pricing Engine

Fully configurable pricing models across transactional VoD, subscription offers, live TV bundles and Pay Per View, including handling complex mixed bundles.


Customer & Device Management

Control of customer accounts and billing integration for multi-user and multi-device households.


Analytics Module

Track video and purchase events over time, including start up time, buffering ratio, total concurrent playback, etc.


Personalised User Experience

Present different groups of subscriber accounts — and different age groups of users —  the content most relevant to them.


Recommendation Engine

Integration with recommendation engines to boost personalisation for both live and VoD content.


Content Sharing

Attract new revenue by allowing users to share content with people outside of the subscriber base. Content can either be gifted to ‘anonymous’ users to gift or made available to purchase.


Flexible Deployment

Spinnaker’s architecture is fully portable. Sure it’s engineered for the cloud, but the core infrastructure can easily be deployed on premises.


Regardless of your strategic requirements, Spinnaker is designed to handle millions of subscribers, enabling you to check API performance, auto scale and achieve lossless data resilience while your content delivery network manages the distribution load.

eCreation Spinnaker
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